SQL Server Essential Features

During the install of SQL Server, you are presented with a whole slue of features to select from. Here what I consider the minimal installation features, with these, you’ll get a fully functional SQL Server install.

Visit to the Coke Store in Las Vegas

Had a visit to the coke store in Las Vegas. To my surprise it was a nice place to get some good photos. Something about the logos and colors of the Coke brand, really make it a great subject. Enjoy!

Great Resource for Background Pictures.

Great photography, and great resource for background images:


Forth Of July 2010

Fireworks rain over Ruby’s restaurant and Huntington Beach pier.

Download the 1440×900 file here.

Mac OS X command to log out

Every once in a while, not a whole lot, but more than mac finantics are willing to admit: My mac goes wack, and for whatever reason my only hope is to either log out, or force the machine down (hold down power button for 10 seconds). Well, as I enjoy a long uptime just as much as the next guy, I would much prefer to log out rather than shut down. If my mac is really not responding, here’s what sometimes will work:

1. SSH into the mac from another machine. Use a tool like putty to login to your mac from another machine.

2. Get the PID of the “loginwindow” command.

ps -Ajc | grep loginwindow

3. Kill the loginwinow PID. The first column of the output line of the above command will be the PID, you want to kill the process.

sudo kill PID

For example:

russds:~ russell$ ps -Ajc | grep loginwindow
russell 38 1 38 729f750 0 Ss ?? 0:24.37 loginwindow

Then logout with:

russds:~ russell$ sudo kill 38

Wondering what a brand new macbook’s battery life is?

I just got a brand new macbook. The White unibody kind. It’s actually for my wife. Here’s a screen shot of the brand new battery to use as a reference point. Notice the cycle count and full charge capacity.

OS X Wireless Problems? Reset it all.

Wireless connection problem. Extremely slow wireless connectivity at home and work. Called apple care, they had me delete files:


And restart.

You’ll have to re-add the wireless network settings you once had, but this should fix the problem.

How To Grow Professionally

Great nugget of information from a great article on how to be a programmer.

How to Grow Professionally

Assume responsibility in excess of your authority. Play the role that you desire. Express appreciation for people’s contribution to the success of the larger organization, as well as things as that help you personally.

If you want to become a team leader, instigate the formation of consensus. If you want to become a manager, take responsibility for the schedule. You can usually do this comfortably while working with a leader or a manager, since this frees them up to take greater responsibility. If that is too much to try, do it a little at a time.

Evaluate yourself. If you want to become a better programmer, ask someone you admire how you can become like them. You can also ask your boss, who will know less but have a greater impact on your career.

Plan ways to learn new skills, both the trivial technical kind, like learning a new software system, and the hard social kind, like writing well, by integrating them into your work.

Using Time Machine With A Network Drive

I wanted to use a network share for my time machine backup. I setup a samba share, and thought I would be good to go until I got a message “the backup disk image … could not be created (error 45)”. So I went to google and did some research. The first site said to create an AFP share on your file server (in my case Debian). That looked like too much work, so I went to the next option, which was much simpler. Create a local image file, copy that to your Samba share, and then fire up Time Machine. This worked great.

1. hdiutil create -size 200g -fs HFS+J -type SPARSEBUNDLE -layout SPUD -volname “Backup of $MACHINENAME” $MACHINENAME_$ETHERNETID.sparsebundle

Get the machine name from Preferences -> Sharing.
Get the Ethernet ID (aka mac address, aka physical address) from Preferences -> Network -> Ethernet -> Advanced -> Ethernet

2. cp -r file-you-just-created /Volumes/BackupLocation

3. defaults write com.apple.systempreferences TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Then fire up Time machine select your network drive as the source drive, and you’re good to go. Works like a charm.

Information Detox

“Detox” – Cleansing the body of poisons or toxins that may have accumulated through addictive habits

As I begin the year, and start to evaluate my life with renewed vigor, I realize I need a permanent information fast. I have simply become over run and unproductive with too many notifications, emails, rss feeds, articles, etc. I quite. I need out. I want simple, focused and effective instead. Here’s what I plan to do:

* Unsubscribe from all email subscriptions – I don’t need ‘em. If I want information I know where I can get it. Also using www.rescuetime.com I see that a far majority of my time is spent on email. I need to reduce this.

* Unfollow all the ‘robots’ on twitter. I’ve basically been accepting any follow requests, and somehow have ended up following a bunch of people I’m not sure how. Either way, I’m going to unfollow them, and ‘clean out’ my twitter list. Reduce it to only those people who I actually know, enjoy, or get influence by.

* Reduce my daily to-do list to two. Two items is all I need, and after some careful testing, this has proved very effect over the last few weeks. If I limit it to two: 1) I’m sure those things are very important and 2) I can focus on each of them fully without thinking, “I need to do two or three things at the same time if I ever want to finish this massive to-do list”

It’s an information detox and it’s critical in this era. During this huge information age, everything from local news to what people are doing at all times can be virtually shoved down my throat. No more. From now on when I see or feel an information encroachment, I’m cutting the rope. I choose to live simple, focus and effective.