Install Visual Studio Express withou SQL

I had a heck of a time trying to install Visual Studio (any recent version, it didn’t matter to me) without having to install SQL Express. I develop and use another computer for SQL, so i didn’t want to have my system running SQL in the background. I guess i’m just a stickler for a clean system, with a little running as possible. Anyway, Finally was able to do it, by using the Microsoft Web Installer – the trick was to search for “Visual Studio Express Web Only”. Once I found that, I was able to install that, which didn’t require SQL, and also installs the software so I’m able to edit web pages, create web apps and all that. Still testing it out, but so far so good.



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  1. russds says:

    When I did this 7/23/2013, searching for “Visual Studio Express Web Only” didn’t show any results. However, clicking “Products” then “Tools” and scrolling down, I was able to find it, and install it.

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