Information Detox

“Detox” – Cleansing the body of poisons or toxins that may have accumulated through addictive habits

As I begin the year, and start to evaluate my life with renewed vigor, I realize I need a permanent information fast. I have simply become over run and unproductive with too many notifications, emails, rss feeds, articles, etc. I quite. I need out. I want simple, focused and effective instead. Here’s what I plan to do:

* Unsubscribe from all email subscriptions – I don’t need ’em. If I want information I know where I can get it. Also using I see that a far majority of my time is spent on email. I need to reduce this.

* Unfollow all the ‘robots’ on twitter. I’ve basically been accepting any follow requests, and somehow have ended up following a bunch of people I’m not sure how. Either way, I’m going to unfollow them, and ‘clean out’ my twitter list. Reduce it to only those people who I actually know, enjoy, or get influence by.

* Reduce my daily to-do list to two. Two items is all I need, and after some careful testing, this has proved very effect over the last few weeks. If I limit it to two: 1) I’m sure those things are very important and 2) I can focus on each of them fully without thinking, “I need to do two or three things at the same time if I ever want to finish this massive to-do list”

It’s an information detox and it’s critical in this era. During this huge information age, everything from local news to what people are doing at all times can be virtually shoved down my throat. No more. From now on when I see or feel an information encroachment, I’m cutting the rope. I choose to live simple, focus and effective.

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