Good Robocopy Command Options

Want to copy *everything* from one drive to another, or make a complete backup of your stuff. Well, forget about using the age old drag and drop method, one might think using the cp would be sufficient, but again: no. The ultimate solution is robocopy.

Robocopy is a simple tool you can download from microsoft. At first glance it looks like something only for Windows Server 2003, but it works on XP just fine. Download the file there, and install it. Then fire up cmd, and type:

robocopy /?

You’ll see there are tons of options, more than I care to even think about. Here’s the only stuff that’s useful to me:

robocopy source destination /E /COPYALL /R:5

/E says to copy everything, going into subdirectories

/COPYALL says to copy everything, created date, last modified, etc.

/R:5 says to only try 5 times to copy something, if those don’t pan out, skip it and go to the next one. (You’ll get a full report of the copy at the end, so you’ll be able to see which ones were missed.) /R:5 is handy incase it finds a file that it doesn’t have access to. You don’t want it to keep trying and trying (the default is 1 million times), most likely you want it to try a couple times, and move on.

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